It has been a very rainy February, but the campus is green and lovely now. We thought we might need to build an ark this week, but thankfully the water is slowly receding from campus. Our poor children have been stuck playing indoors more than usual. We are so thankful for the English team (which we also call “Jenny’s team”) because they saw some needs and then they worked on filling those needs. We have a really fun play kitchen, but it was looking a little run down and there was no play food for the kids. Jenny’s husband arrived here at Beautiful Gate after she had been here for 2 weeks, and she had all of her friends dropping off play food to him before he flew here. Jenny and her team cleaned up the play stove and even added some details to the burners, so we have some future chefs on our hands.


It is so wonderful to see the kids using their imagination. They love to “cook” food for us volunteers and let us pretend to eat it. Thank you England team for turning the very routine, stuck inside during the rain playtime into something new and exciting.