One Child

Each child at Beautiful Gate is a valuable part of our family. They each have an identity and personality that is only theirs. In order to properly care for each child's needs, we have an operating expense of 4 million Rand annually. When broken down it costs Beautiful Gate approximately 5,000 Rand per month to care for one child. This cost covers the child's food and medical costs, the staffing costs to provide quality care for each child and the utilities to provide a safe environment for the child to live and grow in. Are you able to cover a child for a month? Are you able to cover a child for a year? 

Through your giving, you become a part of their living!



Beautiful Gate Fleet

Beautiful Gate is also looking to replace one of our vehicles that is costing us more money in upkeep and maintenance than what it is worth. Currently we are in need of one Toyota Forerunner (or similar type of vehicle). The estimate cost of this vehicle is R250,000. This vehicle will be used for driving around our children and staff to various appointments. 

On Campus signage

To ensure the safety of our children, Beautiful Gate would love to have new signage on the buildings directing the many visitors on our campus where they should go. The cost for this project is R20,000. 

Sefate Sa Bophelo

The preschool on Beautiful Gate's campus is rented out to Sefate Sa Bophelo English Medium School. This school serves both the children of preschool age at Beautiful Gate as well the surrounding Ha Thetsane Community. The school is currently in need to expansion to better serve the children. The cost of this project is R150,000. 





Completed Projects


The Avani Hotel has generously gifted us their lightly used generator free of charge! It is bigger and more powerful than our current one and will be able to power the whole of our campus. Thank you to our friends at Avani and to Ntate Moremi Sojane of Amalgamated Engineering Solutions for organizing the donation.


Maintenance vehicle

We are grateful to a number of international donors who, together through their generous financial support, made it possible for us to purchase a gently used work truck that our maintenance department will be able to utilize for many years to come.





We thank one of our volunteer teams from Canada for graciously providing the funds to purchase a new medical fridge for our on-campus clinic after our previous one broke down. Our children's medications can once again be stored on campus, freeing up much of our nurse's time to provide care for the children and staff.