Imagine investing in the life of a child for anywhere from a few months to several years, and then never hearing anything or seeing anything again. I imagine it would be sad. A few families send letters and pictures or visit, but for the most part, once a child leaves there is very little contact for the house mothers.

However, there are court reports which are filled out every few months or years as time goes on, and these report have photos of past adoptive children. Our staff come into the office and exclaim over the children they raised and how they have grown. It is always special to sit back and listen to their comments, memories, and laughter in these moments. These little reports lift their spirits in such a nice way. They may not be able to see the children daily anymore, but seeing their pictures with their family fills their hearts with joy.

I have helped put these photo updates on the walls many times over the past 6 years, and there is always one country missing. Due to a changeover in agencies and a lack of communication or understanding, the American wall has been blank for 6 years. Every team and volunteer, and even our staff have asked me about that wall. Aren’t there children in America? Why don’t you have any updates from the children in America….?

I am so grateful to the American adoption agency, Small World, because they sent us copies of the children’s reports this month. I was able to print off the pictures of the children who have been adopted within the last year and a half. Our staff and volunteers have already been looking at them and making comments today. I got to listen to our nurse and a few volunteers talking about some of the children as they looked at each update. They are so happy and feel so blessed to see the children that they loved living in a new country, with a new family. A picture really is worth “a thousand words.” Just seeing the children in the photo brings a peace that all is well. Who knew that something that seems so small, could really make a big difference in the heart of a house mother?!