Welcome to Beautiful Gate Lesotho

Beautiful Gate Lesotho exists by reaching out to orphaned, abandoned and neglected children ages newborn to 5 years old, and gives them the love that they need and deserve.

In a country where extreme poverty (2 in 5 people live on less than $1 a day) and extreme disease (over 1 in 4 people are HIV positive), it is the children who are treated with no more respect or worth than a discarded candy wrapper. Children who were found in a trash dumpster, a toilet pit or alone in a forest are given opportunities to simply be children.

Beautiful Gate Lesotho seeks to glorify God by giving these children their childhood while they wait for their forever family. The ultimate goal is to unite these children with a forever family that will love them as their own. Until that family is formed, Beautiful Gate Lesotho is their family. The staff and volunteers love these children as their own and make sure that they are given opportunities to live as children, rather than a statistic. The children at Beautiful Gate Lesotho have lives that reflect any other child's life. They are given opportunities to go to school, play with their friends and the physical and emotional needs every child needs.

From the Blog 

Farewell and Thanks England Team!                                                                      (November 4, 2015)

Thank you England Team for the love and joy you brought to Beautiful Gate this past week!

The team members included Steve Dobson, Jenny Dobson, Jane Richardson, Josh Plant and Fred Abbott.

Each member brought a unique blessing to the children and staff for which we are grateful. Thank you Steve for your work in the office helping with IT issues, this is always a need and you solved some problems that have been ongoing. Thank you Jenny for your endless energy and joy…it is contagious and we just love having you around! Jane, we thank you for your sweet, gentle spirit that the children just need and love. We are excited that you will be able to stay on for a few months and continue your ministry with special needs and reading. Josh and Fred, we are grateful for your time here too. The children just love having young men on campus and the connections between you and the staff and children were hard to miss.

Thank you all for giving up your time and resources for the benefit of Beautiful Gate. We feel so loved and encouraged by you!

"Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the saints." ~Philemon 1:7

   Karen Boersema


Reunified (October 29, 2015)

Definition: To cause someone to be unified again after being divided.

Another Beautiful Gate child was reunified with her family yesterday. Reunifications have been happening a lot lately and it often causes mixed feelings with us as staff and volunteers of Beautiful Gate. There have been successful reunifications and we rejoice with those families. On one hand we are happy that the child will now have a forever home and not live in an orphanage that is temporary. But on the other hand we are often concerned whether or not the child will be cared for in the same manner she was cared for here.

Our caregivers love these children as their own. They would do anything to protect the child from any harm. They would sacrifice anything to save the life of the child. Even our nurse, who sees the children regularly and monitors them, she cares for them as if they were her own. Our office staff and maintenance workers have held these children into their hearts as well.

When the staff is on leave, they have expressed the desire to come back because they miss the children so much. Even our relief workers (who usually cover for our housemothers and care givers) who might be hired to clean the team volunteer house instead of filling in for a care worker will allow time to go and see the children because they miss them so much.

Most likely, the care will be different outside of Beautiful Gate. The families most often live in a village with very little resources or at least less than what Beautiful Gate provides.

And then as a staff, we wonder why the family hasn’t come forward sooner for the child? Will they love her? Will her best interest always be in their minds? Will there be enough food? Will she be warm enough in the winter? Will she have good medical care? Will her family get her necessary HIV medicine? Will she be treated gently? Will the family be able to afford a uniform so that she can go to school?

There are so many questions and concerns for the child we have cared for and invested in, (sometimes for several years) and concerns for the child we have come to deeply love.

So, what do we do with these concerns as staff at Beautiful Gate?

Well, we always pray for the children. We put our trust in a God who loves them more than we do. We trust in God’s sovereignty and know that His plan is always best.

Sometimes it’s hard. But we turn it over to our loving Savior who says:

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."   Matthew 19:14

We are grateful for your prayers for the children at Beautiful Gate.

       Karen Boersema

“How Can I Keep From Singing Your Praise……..”

God is so worthy of our praise and I see glimpses of His beauty and glory in this place called Beautiful Gate.

Every day, we witness the innocence and perfection of these orphaned, abandoned and neglected little ones.

One of our playgroup leaders took some of our children for a walk outside of campus through our neighborhood today.

They were so well behaved on this walk, partly because they listen to and respect the playgroup leader, but also because they were so mesmerized by the sights and sounds along the way.

Here are some things we saw on our walk:

     Mud puddles from the recent rains.

     Cows grazing.

     Construction workers building a house.

     Neighbors walking past.

     Other children playing in a puddle.

     The sounds of children playing at the neighborhood school.

     And a few cars and trucks passing by.

The children were just taking it all in.  As I observed them; my thoughts drifted off to thinking about their futures.

All of our futures are unknown. But most of us do know who our family is. We do know where we belong.

What will happen to them? Will they join a forever family? Will they go back to their relatives in the village? Will they go to another care center for older children?

How will God be directing their steps as they leave Beautiful Gate?

We don’t know the answers. But for now, Beautiful Gate is where they belong and Beautiful Gate is their family.

There are days that I just stare out the window of my office and smile and have such a warm, blessed heart. I not only see beautiful scenery, but beautiful people.

No it’s not a perfect place, but some days it seems that way.

I see little ones bringing balls to our campus Chaplain, so that he can kick it for them. They go and chase it and bring it back to him for another kick. They could do this for hours.

I see one of our office workers stop and talk to one of our older kids. I see and hear children who are playing outside at the preschool on campus.

I see our school aged boy walking home from school. He stops on the bridge to look back at the office. He sees me…he smiles and waves.

I see so many things that bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. You may have read similar sentiments over the last several months or even years about this place. But they are true and just plain indisputable.

How can this place with so many stories of hard ache be so incredibly joyful and beautiful?

The answer is…the presence of the Living God.

Looking back to the first line of this blog…”how can I keep from singing your praise..” I ask myself, how can I not praise the God who shows Himself here? How can I not see Him in these children and in this staff? This place is here because of His love and grace and He shows Himself in so many ways.

The thoughts of this blog….they are my heart today and many of my days. I hope you, who are far off, get a glimpse of God’s beauty through those of us who witness this and walk it each day.

God is here. There is joy and beauty all around because of Him. To God be the glory! How can I keep from singing your praise!

          Karen Boersema

Thank you Jesse and Barbara!

We want to express our deepest thanks to Jesse and Barbara Quinn for serving with us here at Beautiful Gate! They came all the way from Australia and spent 3 weeks with us serving the children and staff in various ways. They worked in the baby houses, they spent time one on one with some of the children who are behind in their milestones, they took walks with small groups, took the children to feed the fish in our pond, did crafts, coloring, handprints and much more.

One of the little ones who was behind in walking actually started to walk on his own after spending some focused time with Barbara.

These ladies really had a desire to treat the children with special attention, to show them they are important and loved.

We are thankful too that they brought the older children to the amusement park for an afternoon! I think they felt quite special that day!

Jesse and Barbara also brought donation funds from North Ipswich Childcare Centre, Rosewood Baptist Church and Southern Cross Charities. With that money, they purchased nappies and milk for our Beautiful Gate children. Thank you so very much for your generous gift!!!

Jesse and Barbara, we really appreciate your time and generous hearts! Blessings as you go from here!

Karen Boersema

Alone Time

A few days ago I posted a picture and caption of a little boy sitting on a ball all alone on one side of the playground.  The caption read.. “Needing some alone time”.

I have been thinking about the concept of alone time.

Our children get very little, if any, alone time in a given day. They live in a house with 14 other children. They play together, eat together, bathe together, and sleep together often sharing their beds. They go to preschool with other children or go to playgroup with a large group of other children each day. So basically, no time alone.

If you are like me, you need alone time on a regular basis. Just time to think and do what you want or need to do without having to interact or converse with anyone else. This time is often a time to refuel and work through your thoughts.

We try to encourage time alone with our Beautiful Gate children as much as we can, or at least one on one time with an adult. Usually that depends on how many volunteers we have and who is able to take a child somewhere away from the group….to the library, on a walk or to the office to name a few.

When a child has the opportunity for alone time or at least one on one with a volunteer, they enjoy it very much! So much, that the child will ask continually for days to come if they can go to the office or to the library again.

I often wonder what happens when a child from BG is adopted and doesn’t have to compete with 14 other children for time alone, time with adults or attention anymore. Do they know what to do with the time alone? Do they enjoy it or does it feel foreign to them? Does it make them feel bored or restless? Or is this a time to refuel and dream.

They say it’s healthy for children and adults to have time to think and rest…. Not to always be stimulated by activities and noise. It’s good to daydream, to be creative with your time.. and for children, to develop independence as well as a ‘wondering’ and spiritual relationship with God. Maybe to develop the early stages of a prayer life.

All I know is that while observing the children on the playground you will find a few of them removing themselves from the larger group for some peace and quiet. This is good and valuable for them and I think I will make a more concentrated effort to give this rare gift of time alone to them.

Karen Boersema