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Beautiful Gate Lesotho exists by reaching out to orphaned, abandoned and neglected children ages newborn to 5 years old, and gives them the love that they need and deserve.

In a country where extreme poverty (2 in 5 people live on less than $1 a day) and extreme disease (over 1 in 4 people are HIV positive), it is the children who are treated with no more respect or worth than a discarded candy wrapper. Children who were found in a trash dumpster, a toilet pit or alone in a forest are given opportunities to simply be children.

Beautiful Gate Lesotho seeks to glorify God by giving these children their childhood while they wait for their forever family. The ultimate goal is to unite these children with a forever family that will love them as their own. Until that family is formed, Beautiful Gate Lesotho is their family. The staff and volunteers love these children as their own and make sure that they are given opportunities to live as children, rather than a statistic. The children at Beautiful Gate Lesotho have lives that reflect any other child's life. They are given opportunities to go to school, play with their friends and the physical and emotional needs every child needs.

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Alone Time

A few days ago I posted a picture and caption of a little boy sitting on a ball all alone on one side of the playground.  The caption read.. “Needing some alone time”.

I have been thinking about the concept of alone time.

Our children get very little, if any, alone time in a given day. They live in a house with 14 other children. They play together, eat together, bathe together, and sleep together often sharing their beds. They go to preschool with other children or go to playgroup with a large group of other children each day. So basically, no time alone.

If you are like me, you need alone time on a regular basis. Just time to think and do what you want or need to do without having to interact or converse with anyone else. This time is often a time to refuel and work through your thoughts.

We try to encourage time alone with our Beautiful Gate children as much as we can, or at least one on one time with an adult. Usually that depends on how many volunteers we have and who is able to take a child somewhere away from the group….to the library, on a walk or to the office to name a few.

When a child has the opportunity for alone time or at least one on one with a volunteer, they enjoy it very much! So much, that the child will ask continually for days to come if they can go to the office or to the library again.

I often wonder what happens when a child from BG is adopted and doesn’t have to compete with 14 other children for time alone, time with adults or attention anymore. Do they know what to do with the time alone? Do they enjoy it or does it feel foreign to them? Does it make them feel bored or restless? Or is this a time to refuel and dream.

They say it’s healthy for children and adults to have time to think and rest…. Not to always be stimulated by activities and noise. It’s good to daydream, to be creative with your time.. and for children, to develop independence as well as a ‘wondering’ and spiritual relationship with God. Maybe to develop the early stages of a prayer life.

All I know is that while observing the children on the playground you will find a few of them removing themselves from the larger group for some peace and quiet. This is good and valuable for them and I think I will make a more concentrated effort to give this rare gift of time alone to them.

Karen Boersema

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