FAMILY, BELONGING, BEING LOVED, BEING CARED FOR IS what we all deserve and need because we are indeed relational beings.

God always strives for better relations with us, and we see how he did that in the bible. From when he used Moses to free Israelites, and lastly he did the most unexpected selfless thing ever, he then sent his only son again for a better and good relationship with men. We are all relational beings and he hasn’t stopped making ways for these relationships to be fruitful.

He is a faithful God for that he keeps on providing for our children with the families for them to belong. Not just any families but the one’s he sees fit that will fulfill the need of better relations, best future, most importantly for our children to grow in the fear and knowledge of him.

We said farewell to our baby boy, who was adopted by a family from Canada, they were humbled by the love of God and provision of their baby boy. They then named him a new name that means a gift from God, they said he is an easy boy like quick to bond with and he is forever laughing, joyful. They promised him a better future and his father said he cannot wait to teach him how to be a good man.  

His housemother said he is indeed an answer and God graced him by providing him with a family, she sees the scripture of Jeremiah 29v11 being fulfilled in his life.  Our director sent them away with gifts as is our custom and she also added that even though the boy had some health issues that never got in a way of him being happy, laughing and being joyful. Lastly the man of God, said this boy is a indeed an answer to his parents just like in the book of 1Samuel 1v 1-28 where the woman called Hannah couldn’t bare children and that didn’t sit her well so she went to God to ask him to give her a child with a promise that she will give a child to God. So same things goes to them the Lord has answered.

Even though it is hard on us when they leave, we also get to be so happy that they belong to a family of their own. God highly bless the families and we know they are in good hands. By this act you have indeed honored the Lord (Proverbs 14v31). 

- Candy