The month of August is considered Women’s month in South Africa.  Each year Beautiful Gate honors their women by choosing a day to celebrate them.  This year I had the pleasure of attending as the new Operations Manager of Beautiful Gate. Although this special day is to be celebrated in August, they waited until September 1st so I could also take part. 

A team had been put together to plan the events of the day.  A special speaker was selected to talk with the ladies who serve Beautiful Gate and a meal was planned.

On the day of the event, excitement was in the air.  The Basotho people love to celebrate.  There was an abundance of singing, whistle blowing and trilling on campus.  The ladies were all dressed in their finest Shashoeshoe (pronounced – sha-shway-shway, the traditional material of Lesotho) and Beautiful Gate blankets.  As the time approached for the speaker to arrive, the bo’me (ladies) gathered together to start their procession into the chapel where the celebrations of the day were going to take place.  They started to sing in a beautiful harmony and blow whistles as they danced their way into the chapel.  Joy entered the room with them.  Soon after, all were seated and the event began.  There was a time of singing, prayer and announcements.  Then the speaker was introduced.  He shared with the ladies about the joys of being a woman and encouraged them through the difficulties of life, with Scripture, humor and songs. 

After the speaker was finished, our Director, Lindiwe Kirstein spoke to the ladies.  Thank-you cards were given to all the ladies from the directors.  Then the Beautiful Gate Woman of the Year, based on Proverbs 31, was announced… Mme Majosepha !  Mme Majosepha is one of the housemothers of Pula 1 and she has been with Beautiful Gate for over ten years.  She is greatly loved and admired by all the housemothers, staff and volunteers.  Congratulations Mme Majosepha !

Next was the luncheon. The ladies were presented with a sumptuous buffet of beef stew, papa, chakalaka, maroho, and soft drinks.  For dessert there were some delectable scones. 

We ended with more dancing and singing. It was a truly beautiful day at Beautiful Gate.