We are always so blessed to have our friend, Jenny Dobson bring a team to Beautiful Gate. She usually comes for 3 to 4 weeks, and it is always amazing the things that get accomplished during that time. I will give you a few examples but I doubt that I will cover all of it because she and her team (Fred, Nell and her husband, Steve Dobson) accomplished a lot. They cleaned and organized the playgroup, labeling all the cupboard shelves and even replacing the old bookshelves with more child friendly drawers. They made and decorated cooking with the children, cleaned the old play kitchen and supplied new play food and dishes, played daily with the toddlers and babies, helped the house mothers, read countless books to the kids, helped all the office staff get connected to the server, fixed several computer issues, and even painted murals. As you can see, they were very busy.

Beyond all that they did, they just shared life with everyone at Beautiful Gate. Inviting volunteers over and playing cards, talking to staff and neighbors, and just living life in community. We are very thankful for their time and the talents they shared. Bryan and Lindiwe are going to be headed to England next week where they have been invited by Jenny and other friends of BG, Gill and Stephanie, to share about BG with their churches and schools. We are grateful for the partnership that has formed between these churches and Beautiful Gate, and look forward to more community as Jenny, Stephanie and Gill bring their friends and share life with all the kids, staff and volunteers at BG.

Here are a few photos of the team: