Every family walks into meeting their child for the first time with different outlooks and attitudes. Some come to us and they are an excited and nervous wreck. Some come to us and they are full of questions and uncertainties. Some come to us with quiet anticipation for the day they have waited for, for many many years. Some come and they are about to explode with joy and love. The couple we met last week were so full of joy and delight. They were both so captured by their little daughter that the whole world around them stopped. It was only them and their precious girl. Both of them said at different times about how the other parent was going to be the best mom/dad in the world. It was clear that this was a pinnacle moment in their life and they were embracing it with full joy. 

Our staff were so happy as well because the family shares their faith in the Lord. They promised to raise this precious child in the same manner that she was being raised here at Beautiful Gate. They even took the time and shared a testimony of God's faithfulness through rainbows along their journey until their adoption was complete. Wow, God is so good and so faithful. Please pray for them as they continue bonding and then return to the Netherlands.