Allan on the left, his 2 grandsons and Murray (who has been here for the 4th time)

                                        Allan on the left, his 2 grandsons and Murray (who has been here for the 4th time)

We would like to thank our long time friend, Allan Long. Allan has been involved at Beautiful Gate since coming on a mission team in 2006. He has done the construction management and the coordinating of most of our buildings on campus here at Beautiful Gate. Allan has also helped with the landscaping and has worked along side of our head of maintenance, Ntate Francis, over all these years.  He has also brought various teams of specialized workers several times to help with specific tasks. He is basically a missionary builder, who has lived here in Lesotho for extended periods of time as he continued his projects for Beautiful Gate.

Allan was also the building manager and coordinator for Beautiful Gardens, our new rental housing facility about 5 miles from Beautiful Gate.

Allan and a team of 3 men came last month to finish our two largest rental homes at Beautiful Gardens. They mainly worked on the cabinets in the houses and finished any last items that needed to be done.

Beautiful Gate would like to acknowledge and thank Allan for all of his work at Beautiful Gate and also his work at Beautiful Gardens.  Allan, we are grateful for your service, for your Christian leadership and for your friendship.


Thank you also to the team who gave up your time and served the Lord as you worked on these houses. They are beautifully done! This is such a valuable project, as the income from these rentals will help provide for some of Beautiful Gates needs.


We pray you were as blessed by your time here as we were by you!


May the Lord bless you!