Yesterday we had the opportunity to see two beautiful twins reunited with their biological father. Since I’m not on the management team here at Beautiful Gate I’m not always aware reunifications are happening until moments before they do. Yesterday was one of those situations. About twenty minutes before the father arrived I was told the children were going home and I was able to sit in the office, holding one of them until dad came.

            This man doesn’t have a lot. The brutal honesty of the situation as that the quality of care these children receive from here on out probably won’t be as good as what we were able to offer them. Realizations like that make reunifications difficult for me. I can’t help feel like we’ve failed on a certain level. But then I handed one of the kids over to the father. As he held his baby in his arms he was visibly choking back tears. As we prayed I heard him sniffing, trying to hide his emotion in that moment. Perhaps these children won’t have the same kind of care they received while at Beautiful Gate, but they have a father, and a father who loves them very much. He’s going to provide them with the best he can.

            In the grand scheme of things I realize I ought to be grateful because these babies have an earthly father who actually cares about them and wants them. They also have a heavenly Father who loves them more than anyone else ever could, and He’s going to provide for them in ways we can’t begin to imagine. The gap between the kind of care Beautiful Gate was able to provide and the care their father will be able to provide will be filled by the Great Provider. He will not let them fall. They will not be forgotten. They are blessed and now they are home. I can’t hope for much better than that.