The season of teams has begun. It is always a joy to watch people step on this campus for the first time and see their hearts grasp the mission. The past 10 days have been full of moments like that for the team from Graafschap CRC in Holland, Michigan (USA). The 11 member team, have been in the houses serving the house mothers by caring for the children, scrubbing all the walls, washing windows and floors. They also went up and down the road to BG and picked up 56 large trash bags of garbage. The children and the house mothers have really appreciated all the extra love and attention they have received.

For me, a fun aspect of this team was watching some of their hearts grasp the mission. People can come to BG and work put never really allow themselves to fully understand what needs to happen to make things run smoothly here. Some of the team members on this team did. They say the long hours, the hard work and the tender care that is needed. They grasped that these children are not orphans, but children who need to be loved and the house mothers are not here just for a job, but to care and invest in the hearts of the children. The team also so the great joys in simplicity, like a child who arrived terrified and within a week is smiling with the other children.

Thank you Graafschap for you continued service to BG. Your hearts are ready to leave here and grow the mission in your own surroundings. May you know and embrace the calling God has on your lives and cling to His finger tip as you trust in Him.