Last week we enjoyed the presence of 10 women from England who came to give of their time and hearts to the staff and children of Beautiful Gate.

They served in whatever way was needed. They helped: feed babies, change nappies, hang laundry, wash dishes, play with children, read to children, and they took children for walks, just to name a few!

Another task that needed to be done was to clean our last 2 newly constructed houses at Beautiful Gardens. 5 of the women worked tirelessly for days to get these houses ready for someone to move into. We are so grateful for your help ladies on this huge job!


What many of us noticed about this team was their joyful willingness to serve and for their gracious hearts while serving.


Thank you team for all you did for Beautiful Gate. Thank you too for the amazing donations for our children, they will certainly get used!


We pray that your time here was blessed and that your hearts are forever changed for the least of these!