Bittersweet farewells are consistent occurrences here at Beautiful Gate, and I’m not just referring to when children are adopted or reunified. So many people play their own part in making life at BG what it is on a daily basis. Some of the most enthusiastic support comes from our long-term volunteers. They give up their time, their energy, their finances, and all that is familiar to follow a call God places on their heart, and be a part of the BG family for a significant period of time. They receive no material reimbursement for their sacrificial spirits (though that certainly doesn’t mean they leave their experience empty-handed), so their faithful service is almost always directly rooted in a deeper heart desire to glorify God as they care for vulnerable children.

Recently we had to say goodbye to one such volunteer who, over the course of seven months, shared her heart, joy, and laughter with everyone on BG’s campus. Below, Ausi Britney shares a brief reflection on her time in Lesotho:

When I first got to Beautiful Gate I had no idea what to expect. I had never been there before, but for some reason God was calling me to go spend 7 months there. Once I stepped foot on campus I found contentment in being there. My days at BG were not easy... being away from home, long work hours, and for most of my time I was the only volunteer, so I had no one to go home and vent to about my day. However it was all worth it; it gave me a chance to bring glory to God in a different way: playing with the most adorable kids, and working beside the world’s most amazing house mothers and BG staff. I found out that my love for kids is not what brought me to BG like I thought. It was God giving me a chance to glorify him through giving love to orphaned and neglected children and to Lesotho as a country. My experience was so incredible, and I am so happy to have found another family and home in Lesotho, Africa.   

Thank you, Britney, for the unwavering love, affection, and generosity that you shared with your Beautiful Gate family! You are dearly missed already, but we are so grateful for the time God allowed you to spend with us. We continue to pray for God’s wisdom to lead and guide you into whatever adventure He has in store for you next.