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And that’s a wrap! Team season 2018 is officially finished at Beautiful Gate Lesotho. It’s hard to believe how quickly this year has flown by in so many ways.

 Our final team of the year was a group from Lighthouse Family Church in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This is the second team the church has sent and we are so grateful to continue growing this relationship.

 During their time on outreach the majority of the team spent time in the baby houses assisting our care staff and volunteers. There were enough team members that all the aspects of our playgroup program were fully covered as well. That means even our infants, who generally stay in the houses throughout the day, had daily interaction, stimulation, and play.

 The other members of the team spent the week renovating the exterior of our long-term volunteer housing. Initially they were just scheduled to paint the building, but they went above and beyond, repairing cracks and doing some preventative work to protect the house from future water damage. All of that, and they managed to complete the project in full in just a week. They worked so hard and it definitely paid off. We are so grateful for the updates they made.

 Lastly, one of the team members shared a portion of his testimony and words of encouragement at our weekly chapel service.

 All in all, we are so thankful and appreciative of how the Lighthouse Family Team served us so selflessly. We look forward to the next time God brings us all together.

 We also want to say thank you once more to all of our teams from 2018. It has been such an incredible year of sharing together in God’s Kingdom-building work. Our hope and prayer is that every individual who has served on a team at Beautiful Gate has experienced the love of the Father in a rich and impactful way. Thank you all for a great year!