Being a witness to a fulfillment of God’s plan is always an incredible blessing. It’s a reminder of how faithful our Heavenly Father is, and it reinforces the simple truth that He is in control of all things. So often for us at Beautiful Gate, however, those fulfillments are accompanied by bittersweet goodbyes. This doesn’t change the fact that God’s plan is perfect and good, of course, but it does make our hearts ache for a time.

This week we have said farewell to two very special individuals from our BG family.


Yesterday, we celebrated God’s incredible grace in the life of a child who has kind of become a staple of Beautiful Gate. Anyone who has set foot on campus over the past six years knows Mpho Grace. As one of the longest standing children in our care, we have had the opportunity to watch Grace grow, reach milestones, and develop a personality beyond what we normally see as kids come and go. As she’s gotten older, it has become a persistent prayer of every staff member and volunteer (and Grace, herself) that God would provide a forever family for this dear daughter. And our God not only hears our prayers, but He answers them, too!


Grace’s adoption ceremony was the epitome of bittersweet where the sweet FAR outweighs the bitter. Though it is certainly sad for us to say goodbye after caring for her for six years, it is so obvious that the Clausing family is the answer to all of our prayers for Grace. Our hearts overflow with joy!


This week also brought the end to another one of our international volunteers’ commitments. Over the past six months, Ausi Marissa has lavished every child, staff member, and fellow volunteer with incredible love, deep compassion, and unconditional grace. Her smile and laugh have spread contagiously through campus, and she has been a true source of light and life to everyone she meets. In both fun-loving and heartbreaking times, Ausi Marissa’s strength and peaceful nature have given others strength and peace to carry on. We will without a doubt miss this sweet sister’s comforting presence on campus, but we are also very excited to see what lies ahead for her as God continues writing her story.

We thank God for the privilege and opportunity it is to care for such amazing children, and to work alongside such phenomenal volunteers. Join us in praying for Mpho Grace and her new family as they enter a season of big transitions. Pray, too, for Ausi Marissa as she returns to life in the US, and as she humbly seeks God’s guidance for the future.