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Our busy season for outreach teams continues full-steam ahead! In July we were privileged to host a team from Ontario Christian High School in Ontario, California, USA. This is the second time OC has sent a team our way, but the team leader was the only familiar face. Each other person on the team was able to experience Beautiful Gate and Lesotho for the very first time. The group consisted of five adults and four students, three of whom are Chinese foreign-exchange students. It was an awesome blending of cultures while they were here.

Like most of our teams, the OC group primarily helped in our day-to-day care of the children. They served our housemothers, humbly and graciously taking up the seemingly mundane tasks of laundry, dishes, sweeping, etc. In doing so, however, they gave our housemothers a much needed break from their busy daily routine, and an opportunity to spend more quality time with the children they care for day in and day out. The team also participated in our playgroup program, helping the children work toward meeting various developmental milestones. And to top it all off, they led our Wednesday chapel service with an awesome puppet show re-enactment of a Bible story.

Aside from directly caring for the children and aiding our staff, the team also helped us continue the bathroom renovation project in the baby houses. They helped knock down the remaining walls that needed removing, got overly familiar with using the wheelbarrow to haul rubble, extracted unused shower stalls, and prepared all the bathrooms for the patching process.

We are so grateful for the relationship we get to continue cultivating with Ontario Christian. This year’s team worked so hard and served with incredible heart. We look forward to the next group we receive from OC!