Beautiful Gate has been blessed with really great outreach teams this year! In September we welcomed a group of four wonderful ladies: Danell and Kayla Czarnecki, Donna Blair, and Ashely Beyer. Danell is a board member for one of our partner organizations, Oceans Ministries. She was able to return last month with her lifelong friend, Donna, and their daughters. Together, the four of them served with abandon, bringing life, light, and the Father’s love to everyone on our campus. 

In addition to coming alongside the housemothers to care for our precious children, these ladies served and gave in a variety of other ways too. As a member of Oceans’ board, Danell sat in on and gave input to a meeting of leadership for another childcare centre here in Lesotho that Beautiful Gate has been walking with for the past year. Ashley spent time before their trip crocheting several beautiful blankets that will be given to our children when they are adopted or reunified with family. All four of the ladies helped lead our chapel time and, at the end, presented the care staff with new work overcoats that they had raised funds for.

If you’re interested in reading Danell’s firsthand account of her experience, you can find it here:

It was a privilege to have Danell, Donna, Kayla, and Ashley serving with us, even for a short time. We are so grateful they followed God’s promptings to spend time with us in Lesotho, and for all the incredible ways they blessed us. Thank you, ladies! We hope to see you again soon.

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