This is how we came in contact with Road Fund and they expressed themselves “In December 2016, the Road Fund Secretariat was among the organizations which took part in the event organized by the National Aids Commission in observance of World Aids Day 2016 at the ‘Manthabiseng Convention Centre. The Road Fund Secretariat came out of that event highly motivated to contribute meaningfully towards combating the scourge of HIV and Aids and have in turn identified Beautiful Gate Lesotho being, a home for orphaned and neglected vulnerable children, particularly those afflicted by HIV and Aids”.

On the 18th August 2017 Road Fund came through for the children of Beautiful Gate.

We had a mini event where Road Fund was really celebrating Beautiful Gate for the good work it is doing. The CEO of Road Fund couldn’t stop to be amazed by what he was seeing; he said hearing is one thing is seeing is yet again another thing. He then handed over the grocery (gifts) to our director.

Our director was grateful and glad that organizations like Road Fund do care about what happens in the community and lastly she said it is our responsibility to fight against HIV/AIDS to better our country. We also had the representative of NAC, who talked about how AIDS is affecting everyone even our economy and what is it that we can do to help stop the spread of it.

Lets be safe, stop the spread and fight this together!!