On June 28, we had a beautiful ceremony to celebrate our new generator. Last winter was pretty rough for all of us because the electricity went out most mornings during the 2 coldest months of winter. We would use our old generator, but then we had to turn off all the heaters in the children’s rooms as well as the hot water heaters for all the houses so we wouldn’t overload and kill our generator. It was frustrating for the housemothers and it was cold for the kids because it was the early morning hours when it is the coldest.

Peter began to look into options for a new generator that could power our whole campus. The quotes that came back were discouraging and we knew that our budget could not afford a new generator. Peter was sharing our struggle with an engineer from Amalgamated Engineering and he came up with a solution. Avani hotel was in the process of updating their old generator with a newer and bigger one. We could buy their old generator and he would fix it up for us. We were so excited that we may be able to make this happen. He talked with AVANI and said he wanted to buy the generator so he could donate it to Beautiful Gate (we did not know this right away, we thought we were going to have to pay for it). When AVANI heard that he wanted to buy it so he could donate it, they decided to give it to him for free. So our celebrating was that through these generous people, we got a generator that is more than sufficient and it is fully maintained and should last us for at least 10 years. WOW!!

To top that off, AVANI showed up to the ceremony with sacked lunches for all the staff and for every child on our campus. The engineer, while giving his speech, promised to donate 2 full tanks of diesel as well as the first four maintenance checks for free. It was a day of giving and then more giving and we were feeling so thankful and speechless. Both of these companies could have made a lot of money from selling this generator, but they chose to think of our kids and gave them the gift of warmth this winter. We stand amazed at the way God is working through the hearts of those who love His little children.

If you would like to read more from a newspaper article, here is a link from the Lesotho TImes http://www.lestimes.com/avani-comes-to-orphanages-aid/

There were also newspaper articles in a few other papers, but I could not find the online link.