This winter we have been blessed by God in so many ways, our thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough.


A few months back our neighbor, Jewels Of Hope, informed us about possible grants that were out at Catholic Relief Services (CRS) that we could apply for. Because we don’t let any window of opportunity pass us by, we did just that. Among the grants that were there, we applied for a green house project. Then we prayed and waited patiently for their response.


It was early in April when the CRS said yes to our request, that they will give us a green house worth M20 500.  We thank God that we were approved and it was on the 26th of June when builders started to build our green house. Now that they are done, it is up to us to see to it that our children can have daily access to healthy vegetables. CRS was gracious enough to give us this great gift, it is now our turn to deliver and provide the fresh vegetables for our children.


Feeding a child is not an easy task, let alone 74 of them, so our aim at Beautiful Gate is to be able to feed our children in a healthy and a good way.  Even the doctors encourage good nutrition in one’s life so we figured growing our own vegetables would help us to achieve that and more. Maybe if the production is good, we can sell some of our vegetables to our community as a way of raising funds to fulfill other needs of our children.


We really thank God for the YEARS OF FULL SACKS AHEAD OF US.


Written by : Candy