We are in a busy season of hosting service and outreach teams at Beautiful Gate right now! While hosting teams requires a lot of preparation and work before and during their stay, we almost always find that the benefits and blessings of having them with us far outweigh the work we have to put in. This couldn’t have been more true with our most recent team from Prairie Edge CRC in Portage, MI, USA.

The team consisted of 7 individuals who came to Beautiful Gate with the epitome of servant hearts. They worked full time in the baby houses and playgroup, assisting house mothers with daily chores, engaging the children with unconditional love, and bringing life, light, and joy to all of our staff and volunteers. Additionally, this team spent many months before their service trip raising funds to help Beautiful Gate purchase new vehicles. We at Beautiful Gate are so grateful for the relationship we can have with Prairie Edge.

It was extremely evident, too, with this team that God works blessings both ways when teams come to Beautiful Gate. Most, if not all, of the team members expressed that their time in Lesotho was eye-opening and life-changing. They all shared how deeply God touched their hearts through the staff and children of Beautiful Gate. And they all conveyed a deep desire to keep the lessons they learned in Lesotho alive and active even after they returned home. We are so thankful that God doesn’t just bless Beautiful Gate through the service and generosity of our teams, but that He uses their experiences at Beautiful Gate to transform their lives as well.

Thank you so much to Prairie Edge CRC for supporting us and sending this team! Thank you to all the team members for offering your time, gifts, and resources to bless our Beautiful Gate community. We love you and we hope to see you back in Lesotho soon and often!