Over the last couple of weeks in March Beautiful Gate Lesotho was incredibly blessed and privileged to host a service team from Canada, including members from Crossridge Church and Discipleship International. Some of its members have been long time supporters of BGL via a 5K run/walk fundraiser in Vancouver, and were able to finally visit and see the ministry they’ve been supporting for the first time!

During their stay the team worked very hard and had a huge impact on the lives of our staff and children. In addition to working in the children’s houses and playgroup and helping the housemothers with general day-to-day care and chores, the team gave up much of their daily breaks to bless the staff and children even further.

During the break a few members of the team led a discipleship training for our staff and volunteers. They taught many basic discipleship skills including how to read and memorize Scripture, methods of prayer, and how to write a testimony. By the second day we already began to see this training bearing fruit in the lives of our staff. Individuals willingly volunteered to practice their memory verses out loud during the sessions and one staff member even shared her testimony with the group. It is evident that the Holy Spirit really worked through those discipleship training sessions.

Immediately following the training sessions each day the team switched gears and put on a Vacation Bible School for our school-aged children. There were stories, puppet shows (with handmade puppets), and unique crafts that really engaged our kids with Biblical topics and principles. After the stories they asked comprehension questions and it was amazing to see so many of our kids’ hands fly into the air to answer them, and to answer them correctly at that!

In addition to their service, the team also blessed us with a donation of medical supplies to help stock our on-campus clinic. The donation was way bigger than we had initially expected, so we will be able to give some of the medicines to other local clinics as well!

We were also blessed during our nightly devotional times as each team member shared their personal testimonies. Many of the BG volunteers were inspired to share their testimonies as well. It was always a beautiful time of hearing example after example of God’s faithfulness in the lives of His children.

The time that this Canadian team spent with us was so rich and full of God’s blessings and mercy. We are so grateful that they were willing and able to come and serve God’s Kingdom at Beautiful Gate Lesotho.

Thank you, team, for all of your contributions to our ministry. Thank you for caring for our children. Thank you for investing in our staff and volunteers. Thank you for helping us meet so many different needs within our organization, as well as empowering us to further be a blessing in our local community! May God continue to bless you! We look forward to seeing you all at BG again soon!