Today was a day of great celebrating and thankfulness. Usually when I write those words, it is followed by a story of an adoptive family. Not today though!

We were given a very special and thoughtful gift today. This gift is special because it has come from a local Lesotho company. We were given 20,000 Maluti worth of electricity from LEC (Lesotho Electricity Company). Our electricity meter went from 1281 to 15154. We were all joking that our meter was going to break because we had never put that many units on at one time. We have thankful hearts because this gift is coming right before we go into our cold winter months. We typically use 1000 – 3000 Maluti worth of electricity each week depending on the weather, so it is like we have received enough for about 9 weeks with our current weather. What a blessing!


As we quoted today, “It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a whole country to care for a child care centre like Beautiful Gate.”


A huge thank you to LEC, and also to many of you who have done things both large and small to keep our care centre running and able to provide for the needs of over 400 children!