There is one part of Beautiful Gate that can just never get old, and it is watching families come together. There is so much joy when we sit a family down in our boardroom or chapel, and they look forward to meeting their new child/children. It is so amazing to see the looks of hope and expectation on their faces. Then it turns to absolute joy, and even sometimes tears. It has been really great watching 2 families come together after YEARS of waiting. One family waited 9 years for their child and the other family waited for 5 years. After all those years waiting and yearning for a child, the desire of their heart was made complete.

We had two beautiful ceremonies to celebrate these children and their families. We were able to say good-bye and send the children off with our blessing. Please pray for them as they continue to bond with their parents, and as they transition to their new home in the Netherlands and Canada. Becoming a family is such a beautiful gift, but it is also a lot of hard work and full of unknowns, so please also pray for the parents to have wisdom and a good support system. Here are pictures of the new families, unfortunately the father is missing in the picture with the 3 daughters due to some visa complications that arose. We hope those are all sorted as the family was scheduled to leave Lesotho today.