We want to thank the team from Lighthouse Family Church in Port Elizabeth, South Africa who served Beautiful Gate for a week in December. They arrived with an eagerness to serve and love the children and what a blessing they were! This team was so helpful in so many ways!

The women served in the baby houses; feeding and caring for the children with such patience and care.

One of the ladies even gave foot massages to our housemothers in the afternoons! They felt loved and blessed!

There were some men on the team with some plumbing and painting experience so Beautiful Gate benefited greatly from their services as well. They painted the administration building kitchen and bathrooms. And they repaired and replaced many plumbing issues. What a service to the Lord and much some needed help!

Thank you team also for your donations for the clinic and for the baby blankets!

We enjoyed your presence on campus and we are quite sure you enjoyed Beautiful Gate as well!

Thank you Lighthouse! You were a pleasure to serve with!