There are some days that the reality of this place affects us in deep ways. 

There is a precious child here at Beautiful Gate who arrived recently for a temporary stay. The child's mother was ill and in the hospital and the child could not be around her for fear of the child getting sick also. So we were going to be the caretakers until the mother was better.

This was a difficult separation for mother and child, as the child was old enough to know what was going on and has never been away from mom.

The child has been quite sad ever since arriving to Beautiful Gate. We are concerned because even eating has been affected.

We were informed that the child's mother passed away. 

We will need to tell the child this news. We don't know what the future is, whether or not there are family members willing to take the child. But since the child has already needed a place during the mother's hospitalization, this may be an indication that there may be no one to step forward.

Please pray for this precious one and the brokenness in such a short life. We are praying for the emotional health of the child and for a forever home.

Trusting God together!