(Our deepest apologies to the family; this blog post was written back in November 2015, but never made it to publication. So please enjoy the record of this momentous event!)


Adoption Day is one of the most beautiful celebrations a person could witness. To see a family welcoming a child into their hearts and lives and a child now receiving that unconditional love of a forever family, is moving to say the least. A place of belonging for the child! A true picture of God adopting us into His forever family!

Today we celebrated with a beautiful family from Sweden the adoption of their almost 2 year old precious little boy who has been with Beautiful Gate since he was just a newborn. This little boy quickly bonded with his parents, it was evident at the ceremony the love that has already begun to form there. The ceremony included singing, prayer, sweet words from the child's housemother and the "handing over" of the child from the housemother to the mother, gifts, touching words from the parents, and a message and blessing from our Beautiful Gate Chaplain.

What a day! Incredibly moving and many tears of joy! Congratulations to this beautiful new family and blessings to you with love from Beautiful Gate!

We give God the glory for the great things He has done!