Every week, the staff and most of our children, attend a Wednesday chapel service called Time with God. We sing, hear a Bible story and a short message from Ron. We pray and then make any necessary announcements. This is a valuable and wonderful time to come together as a Beautiful Gate family.

On Sunday's, the weekend staff and a few of our older children, enjoy a more formal church service. There is singing, a call to worship, a message, prayer and a blessing.
Beautiful Gate cares for a handful of children who are over 5 years old. These children are the ones who often attend these Sunday services.
Last week I was observing these older children and wondered how much of an impact this small Sunday service has on their young, challenging lives.

Our children don't have the opportunity to learn a lot of in depth Bible knowledge since they are most often in a group of 30-35 kids of all ages. They may get a short lesson and singing at playgroup but our older children are seemingly ready for more.

On Sunday's I watch how they seem to be paying attention. I watch how well behaved they are. (of course they are surrounded by BoMe who will keep them in line!) Every once in a while they will look around the room to see what the adults are doing. They are learning by example.
I wonder when they come, how much are they understanding? Are they actually listening to Ron's message?  How much do they relate to their own lives, which happen to be very different than most children's lives.
They don't necessarily have the foundation that most children have who belong to normal family units. Their realities are different than most kids.

We pray each week that the Holy Spirit will do what he does and bring clarity to the truth of God's word. Not just to the care staff that attend but to these precious little ones that attend as well.

I believe these older children are ready to be asked the basic questions like...Do you know that God loves you? Do you know that He is so big and mighty, that He will take care of you no matter what? Do you know that God has a plan for your life? Do you know that you can talk to Him whenever you want to? Do you know that God cares about all the big things and little things in your life? Do you know that God sent His son Jesus to save you and make a way for you to be in heaven and live forever?

Because of some of the language barriers and the fact that we have so many younger children, I don't believe these older kids have been asked these specific questions.

I do know that these truths are being shared each Wednesday and shared a bit deeper on Sunday's and I pray that the seeds that are planted there will be watered, take root, grow and bloom as God has intended His word to do.

Please join us in praying for the spiritual well being of our children, especially the older ones.
Our desire is to take the older ones aside and ask those questions that I believe they are ready for.
Ready for water!


(Written by Karen Boersema as shared on the Boersema blog)