On Friday we celebrated the beautiful gift of adoption. There is always so much joy and so much to celebrate when a child is placed into a forever family!

This special family adopted their son from Beautiful Gate several years ago and again, now, have adopted their daughter from Beautiful Gate. What a testimony of a positive experience here in Lesotho and here at Beautiful Gate.

The parents had the opportunity to share what this day meant to them. They expressed their thanks to the staff at Beautiful Gate for taking such good care of their children during their time here. They said that people will often tell them that they are doing such a wonderful thing through adoption. But they wanted to be clear that it's not so much that they bless the children by adopting, but that the children bless them... That their lives are richer and fuller because of the precious children that have come into their family.

We love to witness adoptions! To see the families bonding and the gift of life given on both sides is a joy to see!

Congratulations to this beautiful new family! May God bless you richly!



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