Over the years we’ve had many cool opportunities to share about the work God is doing in Lesotho at Beautiful Gate. This year is no different! In addition to hosting volunteer teams from all over the world and traveling to meet with different churches, schools, and individuals, our North American Ambassadors were able to engage in a new and unique awareness-raising opportunity!

For those who are savvy in the art world and familiar with Southwest Michigan, you’ve probably heard of ArtPrize. For those who haven’t, it is a massive art competition in Grand Rapids, MI, USA in which nearly 1,500 artists are able to share their work, ranging from paintings to sculptures to music. For two weeks this event takes over the greater Grand Rapids area in over 140 different venues.

This year at ArtPrize there was an exhibit featuring many of the children at Beautiful Gate! Mary Westrate, a phenomenal local artist from Holland, MI, painted 14 breathtaking canvases from photographs she originally saw on our BG website and Facebook page. Her artwork absolutely captured the heart and soul of what life is like on our campus. Her paintings featured bright colors, reflecting the bright hope and joy the kids and staff at BG have. Several of her pieces showed the children holding hands and hugging, emphasizing the importance of relationships so inherent in the Basotho culture. Displayed as a playground, the exhibit expressed BG’s mission to provide a place for kids to just be kids.

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to share the good news about what God is doing in Lesotho at Beautiful Gate in this way! Beautiful Gate’s Ambassadors were able to share stories about the staff and children at BG, as well as have many meaningful conversations about adoption and the great depth of God’s love for all His children. Not only was this an opportunity to bring awareness about Beautiful Gate’s ministry, it was also a wonderful opportunity to bring glory to God and make His name great!

We say thank you to Mary for the beautiful work she did on the paintings. We also thank ArtPrize and First (Park) Congregational Church for selecting and exhibiting the pieces.

~Tyler Robbert