Today during our chapel time we had the opportunity to hear from one of our Beautiful Gate board members named, Ts’epang Majara. He is a Psychologist and founder of Lesotho Psychology Association.

Ts’epang is currently providing counseling for a boy who is part of a family that Beautiful Gate is helping in the community.

His team wanted to give back some more and offered their expertise in interpersonal relationships by coming to Beautiful Gate and giving a presentation on team building.

He and his partner started the session by asking our staff to participate in an icebreaker kind of activity, something like Simon Says. The staff was laughing and having a great time during this activity!

Then he spoke on the necessity of treating each other with respect and to make good communication a priority in the work place. He reminded us that we are a team all working toward the same goal. The goal of providing the best care we can for the children here at Beautiful Gate.

The staff showed much appreciation for this service and has asked the agency to come back another time for more training and educating.

We are all grateful for these opportunities as we continue to learn and grow together!

      Karen Boersema